Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

The Center Schools Community seeks to develop independent, self directed, self motivated, adventurous, risk taking, experiential learners armed with the skills necessary to meet the challenges they will face in the 21st Century.

Our Mission

In the future our graduates will…


  • Have a high personal value for life long education.

  • Have a personal vision and a strong sense of direction regarding their future.

  • Be able to effectively communicate about issues of personal importance with their family members and personal support network members.

  • Be able to reflect upon and evaluate their own performance and effort in a meaningful manner for the purpose of personal growth and improvement.

  • Have a good sense as to how to balance their work life with their personal life and leisure time in a healthy and positive fashion.


  • Be committed life long learners who are able to adapt to fast-paced change.

  • Have a high level of personal confidence because of the abilities they have gained and the skills they have obtained.

  • Have college level social skills and the ability to use them both face to face and via the use of technology.

  • Be nominally fluent in a minimum of two languages other than English.

  • Be skilled at collaboration for the purpose of solving problems and accomplishing tasks.

  • Be able to function in the world outside of the San Luis Valley because of actual exposure to real life experiences outside of the San Luis Valley.


  • Be able to effectively communicate with numerous parties in a skillful and articulate fashion both verbally and in writing.

  • Have college level academic skills, including being able to read, write and compute numbers at or beyond the 12th grade level and the ability to apply these skills to new problems and real life situations because they have been exposed to such situations.

  • Have access to and be able to use up-to-date technology and software in a legal and ethical fashion for the purpose of accessing information, learning, creating, problem-solving and completing useful tasks.

  • Be skilled and creative problem solvers.

  • Be armed with real world skills for personal use and gaining employment such as; interviewing, building resumes, applying for scholarships, effectively completing job applications, creating a personal support network and being financially literate.